Randy says...

Our daughter, Sara, a member of the winning 'Shy Girls' team, is so very excited with her new computer, and was totally shocked and absolutely thrilled at winning the competition. My wife and I are very proud of her, and also quite surprised and grateful to you all. Please extend our warmest thanks to everyone who assisted in this effort. Sara was off and coding in no time, Making Elsa and Anna dance across the screen to her programming.

Beth says...

Thank you so much for the opportunity that Christopher was given to participate in the Hackathon Jr. event, this past weekend.  I think it was a fantastic opportunity for growth, both technically and emotionally.  He not only learned during the day, but we were able to have discussion after the event about what he learned, what he was proud of, what he would change, how to handle stress, and more.

Aurora says...

The kids did a great job! Rose, Katie, Debbie and Neal you guys are awesome! The four of you makes a great team!! Well done Hackathon Jr!!

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